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Сензор Арго 100

Weather station
Agro 100

- Temperature and humidity sensor
- Rain gauge
- Soil moisture sensor covering a range of 2 depths
- Soil temperature sensor covering 2 depths
- Leaf humidity sensor
- Wind speed sensor
Сензон Арго 100

Reliable and fully automated

You get a complete picture of what is happening in the field in real-time without wasting time and money walking around. With the Meterplant Mobile App, you have access to historical weather data for the locations you are interested in.


Air temperature





soil humidity

Soil water content

soil temperature

Soil temperature

leaf humidity

Leaf humidity

wind speed

Wind speed


Meterplant sensor

Fully automated and maintenance-free agricultural weather station


The weather station is ready for operation and does not require any adjustments by the customer


Self-powered by a solar panel, battery power cell for rainy and foggy days - 30 + days of continuous backup for bad weather


Built-in GPS shows the exact position on the map


Data is stored on our platform indefinitely


The data and position of the devices are only visible from the customer's account

Meterplant sensor

Mobile app

- Free

- Easy to use

- Multi language support

- Displays real-time and historical data in tables and graphs

- Shows the location on the map

Areas of application


Soil temperature and moisture are key factors for seed germination.Early planting could have serious consequences in the event of a late spring frost. Air and soil temperature sensors are useful in determining the most appropriate planting time, so the crops have the best chance of proper development. Our devices can send real-time data about the conditions so you can plant at the right moment.


Weather stations in the field or garden can help with water conservation - reducing costs and minimising damage to the environment. High-quality devices equipped with a rain gauge and/or soil moisture detectors can be used to assess the irrigation needs of your crops. With that, you avoid excessive use of water.

Spraying / Fertilizing

The role of moisture in plant disease control is an often overlooked aspect of precision agriculture. Fungal infections thrive in a wet environment and could have a major impact on the yield. Humidity information from the weather station could be used in combination with temperature and wind data. This will help to make a well-informed decision on exactly when to spray or fertilize.

Frequently asked questions

Write in the contact form or call by phone.

Not necessary, the device uses a built-in modem and data sim card provided by us.

Not necessary, the device is equiped with integrated solar panel.

Data is only accessible by the owner or authorized users.

The units arrive fully set up for operation, mounted with two stand brackets (30-50mm pipe) 1.5 to 2 meters high. The devices automatically sends GPS data for map's location.

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